Thursday, 11 December 2008

Singapore, the first step.

So I finally left after all that procastination. Not frought without complications of course- well concerns that worry me senseless, but actually come to nothing. Never use the company to get your Oz visa. They tell you it will take 10 working days, after 12 you enquire and they the say you never applied in the first place- this 7 working days before you are due to go down under. By this stage I was in Singpore, horrendously jet lagged and freaking out big style convinced I was going to be turned away at the border before my holiday even properly started. Add in the fact I couldn't find a phone and you have one stressed Mo.

And then this morning I get an email from the company (and one from the Australian embassy who I had cntated va email in a panic) to say oops soz actually yeah you did apply a it was granted on the 25th of Nov, just forgot to tell you. B***ards. Not the embassy, I must note, they replied within a few hours of my email with a very reasuring letter.

Anyway, that stress plus jet lag plus a very loud snorer in my room last night, left me for my first full day in Singapore, a bit weary. As such I went along the infamous shopping street Orchard lane, taking my time,accidently buying a sun dress an soaking in the atomsphere.
After a necessary nap, I felt more tired than ever and instead of being sociable I went to the movies. I saw the Keanu movie 'the Day the Earth stood still'. It was fine, didn't require much thought.

Tomorrow I promise to be cultural and then fill these pages with better stuff than a movie review.

Hope you are all well, feel free to leave a post, but you have to join to gmail first though.


Lawrence said...

The zoo is really cool in Singapore, no cages, just a ditch and a fence between you and the lions. The botanical garden is also very beautiful. Food is cheap but alcohol is really expensive. Oh I miss that place.

Morag said...

Ah I didn't go to the zoo. I did see a freaky looking bird that looked like it was on crack though.