Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Ah ha! Thanks to my kind eldest brother, I now have a blog. To all those I promised to emailed and didn't during my Europe tour, this blog is for you....and for me as this way my guilt is alleviated and I don't have to remember everyone's email address.

For those of you who know me from old, you will know for my year off (bad description, I know, as it implies I'm doing something producive on my return), I have already spent 3 months-ish touring Europe.

I will, I hope, summarise that time before (or during) my time away on my next sun filled leg of my grand World tour (well bits of it).

Alas, my sudden decension into utter disorganised chaos means I cannot start that process today as I have foreign money to buy, visas to acquire, but soon I hope to have my blog up and running and thus a way to keen you all informed (if you wish to be) on my new and hopefully exciting trip.

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Dorothy said...

Hello is thi working?