Friday, 19 December 2008

Last Tango in Tokyo

So after complaining about everyone going to bed early after the rainy day, that evening, the aforementioned Essex boy in my dorm returned from his touristyness and we went to the hostel bar where we met 3 Aussie boys and ended up playing some very strange, but compelling game on the Wii for about 3 hours. So all was not lost.

So what did I do on Thursday......Oh yeah, the rain stopped- yipee!!!! So I went to another part of Tokyo that I can neither pronounce or spell. And I went to another park. What can I say, I really like parks and they have lots here. I also saw a very big shrine which was nice, a statue of a Japanese dog with a story behind it not unlike Grey Friar's Bobbie and lots ofvery oddly dressed Japanese girls. You know the ones with massive shoes, fake hair and lots of Hello Kitty! accessories.

In the evening, I played chess against one of the Aussie boys. Any one who has ever played chess with me knows how that went (I lost a lot, but my boredom during the game caused me to give most of the pieces back stories and personalities- the saddest of which was the story of the 2 horse brothers, divided by political loyalities in opposing sides who ended up killing each other. Their poor mother).

Today, it was again sunny. Guess what I did. Yeap, park. Then more walking round shops with odd looking Japanese girls and very high buildings.

To be honest, nothing particularly funny or interesting has happened in the last couple of days so I apologise for the dullness of this entry.

Oh I will mention something I forgot to tell you about the rainy fake island day. One of the shopping centres was really fancy, the inside was made to look like an outside with a changing colour cloudy sky and a bench covered in fake flowers called 'the happy seat' (apparently you sit in it, take a photo and think of nice things). Well, particular shopping centre (called Venus Fort for anyone who cares) claimed to have the largest public toilet in Japan- 64 stalls in all, according to my book. Now I read this and thought- I know what will make my mother proud, if I could find this toilet (anyone who knows my mother will understand this). I went to every bloody toilet in the place and couldn't find it. I realised it needed a systematic approach so I went to the floor plan on the top floor and toilet by toilet, floor by floor I searched. And then, when I thought all hope was lost, I opened the final door and I saw it- 54 gleaming bowls (*the book was wrong- only 54 not 64).


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Nev 360 said...

Morag, you should take chess more seriously.