Friday, 6 February 2009

Too darn hot 2.

One of the main differences about the weather pattern I have noticed here is not, in fact, the amazing levels of sunshine, but also the peak temperature of the day. On a sunny day in Scotland, the warmest you get is say 12, 1pm, the lunching hour for civilised people. You can dine in a small roadside cafe gently sunning your face safe in the knowledge that come nightfall the temperature will have cooled. You can have your evening meal and sleep soundly in your bed at night not too over heated.

Not so in Australia. On a hot day the temperature beings to climb at 10am then continues to rise higher and higher. By lunchtime, you are too hot to eat, shunning all but sugary carbonated drinks. You might think, 'ah by evening it will be cool. I shall eat a large meal then and be satisfied'. This is not the case. Often peak heat occurs about 6pm. There is no escape in the day. Then at night it contiues on at 30+. Its too hot even to think about having a beer.

I thought I'd had my share with the 4 day heat wave last week. But it is now 1pm, 40 degrees and set to climb to 44 before night fall.

I am not amused. And not at all cool.

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Nev 360 said...

So Morag, what's the weather like in Australia?