Friday, 13 February 2009

Tasmania trekking I must go!

So, here I sit at the computer station in my hostel in Melbourne about to end my time here and start a new journey into the wilds. I have been staying at the Nummery (no there are no nuns) for a bit over 2 weeks home and it has become familiar like an old sweaty sock. But now it is time to trek!

This afternoon I'm off to Tasmania to do a 6 day trek around the place to see lovely things and feel fit. This means I probably I won't have internet access for the next week (imagine no broadband in the mountains- how uncivilised) so I will summerize my last few days and will bid you farewell in case I meet an unexpected Tazmanian marsupial tiger that eats me up.

After my Grampian adventure (or mild walk as in more appropriate) I realised I would have to conserve my energy before going to Tasmania. I am a great believer in sleep stores- for example if one is going to a large event one weekend, the weekend before should be spent resting in prepartion so the stores can build up (it's theories like these that would have made me millions if I hadn't quit). Anyway, so the last few days have been very leisurely.

On Tuesday though, I was in a bad mood for absolutely no reason until I went to a 2nd hand bookshop, met a nice cat and bought a book about a serial killer. Ah it warmed my heart.
On Wednesday, I did not feel well. My mother has this theory that if you are unwell, if you are brave about it you will end up losing a leg, if however you moan and complain it will come to nothing. So I followed this advice. I had a lie down, took some paracetamol and drank some orange juice and moaned a lot to my dorm mates that I was convinced I was going to get tonsillitis before going to the wilderness.
On Thursday I felt better. I spent the entire day in the botanical gardens quite accidently. I mean to go for an hour, but ended up enjoying the ambience so much I stayed and then went to a little converted theatre cinema and saw a documentary about a french chap who slung a wire between the twin towers in the 1970s and walked between them for an hour. Mad chap, good film.
Yesterday, I packed. This took a long time and everything only squeezed in. I left some stuff at Maggie's so how I'm going to take that stuff too, I am uncertain. It's all the extra hiking clothes I bought in my excitement that's done it. In the evening I met up with 4 guys I had originally met in Tokyo. Absolutely lovely chaps who are all stage students (not actors, but lighting etc etc) and we had a few beers and played pool. They were the epitomey of nice Ozzie blokes, good banter and it felt very easy slipping back into our politcally incorrect humour like we shared in Japan. Two of them were then going on to see one of their brothers play in a heavy metal band. I declined this invitation.

So now you have a blow for blow account of my last few exciting days in Melbourne, I hope you are thrilled. So until I see you all again, goodbye my dears and good luck!

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