Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Too darn hot.

This will be brief as from the title, you can tell, it is hot.

I have finally left Sydney, but have come to melbourne during a heatwave. That was clever.

My last few days in Sydney involved park sitting, amazing film watching (go see Milk- Milk for the oscar!), visiting a water park (I felt very mature), catching up with some people I met in Amsterdam (a lask lustre affair, I don't think any of us really had our hearts in the reunion- sometimes what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam), going for a hike, seeing the Australia day fireworks in the pouring rain and finally leaving Sydney.

Apologises for the lack of details, but as i said I arrived in Melbourne to a heat wave -45 degrees when I got off the plane. It is now 10 am and it is already 35. That all sounds fine and dandy to you cold Scottish people, but imagine that in an 8 bed dorm with no air con. Now you feel me.

I had a brief wander around last night night, but today I actually need to read my guidebook and see what Melborune is about- I used to be so organised. I turned up yesterday without a map or any idea where I was going. So unlike me. Isn't that good?

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