Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sydney still

So I left you thinking I was in the safe hands of a German hippy about to take me to an open air viewing of Run Lola Run. What could be safer? In fact it was safe, but I learned, what I suspect you all knew, that the mad German was in fact mad.

Now one would think a hippy type would at one with nature etc etc so I forgave her when she started protesting very loudly that standing waiting for the bus was 'very bad for my lungs, it is not good for us all this pollution' and I forgave her when she toook literally a thousand phots (who would have thought a monorail track was so facinating and requiring multiple shots?). However, I could not forgive the fact that on the very brief walk back to our hostel that she moaned and complained and shrieked and howled at every cockroache she saw (it's Australia there are lots). So after I managed to regain my arm from her grasp, I realised my escape must be made.

Fortunately, she sleeps in and sounded so the next day I crept out and spent the day doing what i love best- park sitting. Now this may shock you all, but I suddenyl found myself wanting to exercise! It came as a shock to me also, so i decided to go swimming. I went to an open air pool with every great intention, but then after about 4 lenghts a thunderous lightening storm erupted blasting bolts of fire that ripped through the air like a whip.

Okay I exaggerate slightly (I've been reading science fiction, forgive me), but they had to evacuate the pool so that was the end of my sporting moment.

On return to my room (a six bed drom with three inhabitants so naturally we all had a bottom bunk each) I found the German had moved her stuff on to mine. This was odd. Had she missed me so that day she felt to be above me. I worried this could be so and the Aussie girl who also shares the room feraed for me. I later discovered it wasn't amorous intention, but an evil power cable running under the bed was giving her headaches at night so she was compelled to move (subsequently claiming the move cured her headaches and proving her point). Mad, mad , mad.

Anyway the weekend came and after our bonding moment over the German, the Aussie girl and her English friend (who speaks faster than I do!!!! Really!!!) spent a bit of time together, book shopping, ice skating and beach lounging and all types of girlie high jinks. All good wholsome fun.

Now I must go as I am running out of internet time, but what awaits in the next entry is Cate Blanchett, showers of blood and unexpected meetings with old friends.....

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